In May the strongest welfare send send send compote Hot pot bottom ice powder to send children to send packages

ring eard of chowhound day? This is the number of fans on the network take the delicacy I eat homophonic 5.
17 created chowhound holiday.
On this day,
avoid watching the mobile phone,
not eating,
and avoid being immersed in work,
idle in the mouth,
bogey weight loss! Look at the calendar,
chowhound day immediately to the ah,
how to celebrate? I recommend you a cool turn the choice,
from now until the end of the month,
as every day you can go to the chowhound sweet world harvest holiday gift! Four the price of Hot pot bottom are all free,
at the same time,
each send a copy of the Sichuan ice powder,
at the same time,
each table to send a big plate,
at the same time,
take the kids to the children gave big package,
as well as more cost-effective than this? The sweet world main style decoration,
set fashion elements,
industrial wind,
traditional dwellings of Sichuan in a body,
in the soft light,
sitting on a special wooden chair retro,
you can enjoy a no pressure kawanabe passionate music playing.

Why Yunus?

ring on: industry analysts pointed out that the international cooperation may Hengchang,
explore a new path for the realization of the planning objectives in 13th Five-Year.
Newspaper reporter Huang Xingli Beijing reported micro signal: ChinaTimes copyright,
please contact the newspaper in 13th Five-Year,
planning to 2020,
the rural poor out of poverty under the current standards in china.
As a leading Internet financial enterprises,
the new path of Hengchang company is exploring rural poverty.
The afternoon of April 21st,
and the Grameen Hengchang Company Limited held Hengchang precise poverty - Grameen international cooperation project in the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh headquarters signing ceremony.
The Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr.
Mohamed Yunus,
founder of Grameen Bank,
Beijing Junbang founding partner of law firm Li Jiquan lawyers to witness the signing ceremony,
the two sides signed the agreement on behalf of Hengchang company founder,
CEO Qin Hongtao and the Grameen China limited com

There is a kind of comfort in the workplace called suicide

ring certain career guide,
players with different personalities can walk to the high end of the job in the opposite way.
The workplace this thing,
known as a successful template must be in the cheat scam girl.
All career guides are clear and gentle,
just like after-school exercises in textbooks.
And the real office drama is like the big finale on the examination paper.
I have been in the examination room for many years,
and I have never had any unexpected scores.
Do not watch,
try not to try.
So Ive been mediocre for years and accepted this reality with great grace.
Not until I realized I was going to quit answering these questions,
I couldnt write a career guide,
but I was sure to write a guide to professional suicide.
The so-called accumulation experience,
but is mixed eating and so on die,
for all the people,
there is a four word magic spell is forever can not open: come here.
For most Chinese people in the workplace,
there is also a difficult to bypass the five word curse.
These five words,

Undercover welfare Silicon Valley banking Leadership Summit

ring lley Innovation Center (SVIC) is a well-known Silicon Valley organization focused on management training,
to promote innovation and entrepreneurship through organized leadership and Business Summit Forum,
invited the famous speaker to carry out leadership training and executive training program.
The agent of Silicon Valley spies.
In the past four years,
venture capital investment has increased by 600% in financial technology,
the Silicon Valley banking leadership summit.
Is this exponential growth in a new bubble or the end of the bank? Not every bank can survive a technical tsunami.
The role of financial technology is reshaping customer experience in a new business model.
The new wave represents a threat to the banks of the old model,
as well as a space for strategic partnerships between internal innovation,
financial institutions and members of technology.
The summit will provide a unique opportunity for industry leaders to meet face-to-face with innovators from Silicon Valley to discuss the o

Authentic old Beijing plum soup recipe in here drinking is cooler than the air conditioning

letinous edodes to send you a letinous edodes tofu traditional old Beijing plum,
is a cool acid solution tired of plum,
lipid-lowering hawthorn,
nourishing skin liquorice,
clearing heat and dispelling fire and osmanthus sugar with Benefiting Qi and moistening lung Aozhi.
Here also add roselle and tangerine peel increased acidity,
absolutely is the exclusive summer thirst Qin yin.
Collect and distribute needed / hot weather either first,
prepare the material ingredients: Ebony 30 grams,
25 grams of hawthorn,
licorice 10 grams,
5 grams of dried tangerine peel,
hibiscus flower 5.
Accessories: 60 grams of crystal sugar,
purified water 1500 ml,
a handful of Osmanthus fragrans.
The 1.
main materials prepared at 2.
of the plum,
dried tangerine peel,
gongura wash water into th

Bananas with soybean milk, thin 5 pounds a night, constipation is cured

read this article,
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Please feel free to pay attention to it! Fitness Jun said: bananas with soy milk,
5 pounds thin overnight,
constipation is cured.
! Do not worry about no good way to lose weight,
with a banana with Soybean Milk to pack you overnight lost 5 pounds,
with the two kinds of food making health slimming diets can not only lose weight can cure constipation,
the following look at its thin eat.
diet practices: Banana 1,
sugar free soybean milk 1OOml (can adjust the weight with their own preferences,
like fresh flavor can increase 20-lOOml of soy milk).

A grown-up aunt looks so happy

he younger rats: micro-blog @ normal not what the heart of a human talent study called Chen Zhenghao to do their own reading,
reading with other customers like numbers are not the same as he was in the ctrl+c ctrl+v click on the upper right to share: QQ space friends click to view the data,
free of attention